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Our Product Line

Epoxy, paint, coating, and adhesive products.
We will customize any of these products to suit your needs,
or we will formulate one for you.

  Ask about our ENERGY STAR compliant, infrared, solar reflective CoolColors

We can color match most of our products to sherwin williams, benjamin moore and RAL colors.

We are now working on antimicrobial additives for most of our products, imagine the possibilities.

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A full line of accessories for application and use of Sound Specialty Coatings.

Acoustical Flooring
Solvent free, self leveling, epoxy and granulated rubber sound transmission control system for recording studios, media and control rooms, engine rooms, factories, churches and theaters. We also make an Acoustical Slickthane in an underlayment, anti-drumming and wall and ceiling coating.

Aquaflex 55
A flexible, water clear, solvent free, wide temperature range tolerant, impact resistant, two part epoxy coating for application where exceptional elongation is essential. Used for medical equipment, truck bed liners, floors. Can be non-slip or low COF.

Aquaflex 96
A flexible, hydrophobic, solvent free, two part epoxy coating for use where elongation is critical.

Tenacious, rubbery epoxy adhesive or coating for waterproofing. Can be applied underwater.

Aquaply 43
A two part epoxy coating for application in low temperature and humid conditions.

Aquaply 80SS
A stainless steel coating for rebar or any application where non corrosive is essential.

Aquaply CLR
A two component, 100% solvent free, 100% VOC free, 100% reactive, CLEANROOM epoxy coating which meets military specifications.

Aquaply Conductive

Solvent free two part epoxy coating for application where antistatic, conductive floorings are essential as Chemical Storage Facilities. For Cleanrooms, Hospitals, Labs and Fuel Stations. Cleanroom anti-static flooring and wall coating.

Aquaply FDA Sealant
FDA rated, solvent free epoxy, is perfect for concrete, granite and marble counter tops. Outstanding for restaurant floors.

Aquaply Floorings
Solvent free, self-leveling epoxy for seamless floors. FDA rated. For commercial, industrial and residential.

Aquaply M
Solvent free, non pesticide, non algaecide, underwater hull epoxy barrier coating for pleasure boats, work boats, water intake pipes and water slides. It provides a hard, fast release surface that can be legally cleaned in the water. Can also be used in Zebra mussel areas, fisheries, pulp and paper mills, water treatment plants, power plants, nurseries and garden centers, and yes, even water slides. For marine applications on wood, concrete, metal and FRP. A marine barrier coating for all underwater surfaces. Outstanding for water slides!.

Aquaply SLP
Solvent free, self-leveling and penetrating epoxy sealant for concrete, wood, fiberglass and metal used in Pulp and Paper Mills, Water Treatment Plants, Power Plants, Restaurants, Hangers, Manufacturing and Warehouse facilities, Home, Garage, Nurseries And Garden Centers FDA and NSF rated. Add flakes or colorquarts for a beautiful floor.

Aquaply T
Trowel on floorings for terrazzo effect. Marble aggregates available in a variety of sizes and colors. Terrazzo and broadcast flooring.

Can be formulated to be a conductive, static dissipative coating. Is a waterborne, water reducible, ambient cured, polyurethane coating that can be applied over any of our epoxy coating systems. No odor, Chemical resistance and abrasion resistance. Outstanding adhesion to any substrate. DTM coating.

Water-borne epoxy coating for concrete and wood.  It can be applied to concrete in as little as 24 hours after pouring.

BED LINERS YOUR WAY  Not all truck beds serve the same function, Some require non slip, some require slip or easy release, sound absorption, durability and esthetics. Because all functions are different, we suggest different products to fit these requirements. We are not "one size fits all. "With these requirements, we offer color too and clear ! From water clear to color matching and metallic and exotic colors and effects. AND, you can do it yourself!  From pickups to dump trucks, all sizes, all requirements. Let us create one for your application from one of our fine products:Aquaflex 55, Aquapoly, Aquaply M and Slickthane

Blush free, FDA rated coating for brewery tank linings, potable water tank linings, or any liquid food or beverage container.

Custom Orders:
Contact Us for electrical encapsulation, laminates, potting, tile grouts, tooling and castings and electronic applications. We also have available structural and civil engineering resins.

Faux Stuccaux
Urethane-acrylic, water-borne stucco. Any color and custom colors available.

Fix'n Go
Two part, fast curing epoxy repair kit for boats, kayaks, auto, hot tubs, home and camping. A fiberglass repair kit for wood, metal and concrete.

Mold surface & casting coating.

Epoxy pool coating that displays excellent gloss, flexibility and hardness, beautiful in your backyard, strong enough for use in nuclear power plants. Can be used to waterproof just about anything. Outstanding chemical resistance. Great adhesion to any substrate.

PoolCoat UWTM
Epoxy pool coating applied underwater with exceptional gloss, flexibility, and harness. Great adhesion to any substrate.

To prevent attachment of marine growth and protect against corrosion. A solvent free, epoxy coating for new and used propellers for boats, yachts and ships.

A low viscosity, two component epoxy coating PRIMER for poorly prepared and rusted surfaces.

A urethane-acrylic, water-borne coating and adhesive for interior and exterior surfaces on wood, vinyl, metals, concrete and plastics. Antistatic and FDA formulations too. A MIL SPEC CARC Coating too. Zero to very low VOC's. We also make an Acoustical Slickthane for interior and exterior applications for sound and vibration dampening, flooring underlayment and anti-drumming. Slickthane is an excellent coating for back painted glass for backsplashes, counter tops and table tops. Applications include residential, commercial, industrial, marine, aerospace and transportation. Outstanding adhesion to all substrates, UV resistant.

Sport TRX
Surface for indoor and outdoor sport tracks where the rubber granules are broadcast (spread ) over the top of the epoxy.

Under Water Repair Putty
Epoxy will cure underwater and designed to be used in wet areas or underwater repair.

  Our Epoxies, Paint and Coating Products are Clean Air Act Safe.




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