self-leveling penetrating  epoxy sealant for concrete wood fiberglass metal FDA and NSF rated
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Aquaply SLP is self-leveling and penetrating, 100% solids epoxy for concrete, wood and metals. Can be made for application in high moisture conditions. Zero Voc's.

two component 1:1 RATIO
self leveling  squeegee, roll
penetrating displaces air&water
high solids, 100% durable & resistant
solvent free Zero to low VOC"s

Appearance amber or pigmented
Density (lb/gal) 8-9
Flash Point (closed cup) >215F
Gel time @ 50F/min 60
Full cure @ 50F/day 4-5 wet or dry
Viscosity cps @ 77F 1,000
Coverage ft/gal 150-200 @ 20-40mils
Hardness (Shore D) 80
Compressive Strength psi 9,000
Compressive Modulus ksi 287
Tensile Strength psi 6,600
Tensile Modulus ksi 195
% Elongation @ break 16
Flexural Strength, psi 9.900
Flexural Modulus, ksi 308
Abrasion resistance 0.03 gm@ 1000 cycles wt. loss


We will custom color or color match for a solid color surface.
3M colorquartz and other aggregates are available in a variety of colors and sizes to mix in the epoxy or broadcast on the surface for a non-skid surface
In addition to the aggregates, we have flakes in many colors and color combinations.
The rest is left to your imagination. Aquaply SLP can be used alone or with aggregates.
Part A,
1 Gallon,
Includes Marble Aggregate or Colorquartz of choice for 100-200 sq ft.
Not Regulated
Part B,
1 Gallon
Not Regulated

Colorquarts is a product of 3M.

May be kept in sealed containers @ Ambient temperature for 12-24 months.

Available in gallons, pails, drums

Concrete has cured for 10-14 days, vacuum or abrasive Blasting removing all dirt and laitance. Repair defects by Sacking method. Vacuum residual dust or pressure wash with white vinegar solution and air dry. Do NOT use petroleum fired heaters that will leave a film. Do NOT use silicon fillers or caulk.

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