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What is Aquaply FDA Sealant?
Aquaply FDA Sealant is Rated FDA 21 CFR 175.300 and 21 CFR 176.170 and is the perfect sealant for concrete, granite and marble kitchen counter tops.

Viscosity cP@77F 3000
Gel Time min @ 77F 40
Barcol Hardness 79
Bond Strength psi 2000
Tensile Strength psi >7,500
Flexural Strength psi 13,000

The surface should be sanded with 600 grit wet sand paper and wiped down with a damp rag.

NEVER USE A TACK CLOTH. The tack cloth will leave a residue that will impede the adhesion.

Mix both Part A and Part B gently, individually without cross contamination. Mix only small amounts, amounts you can apply in 15 minutes.

Apply with epoxy, no nap roller or foam brushes with wooden handles. Apply in thin coats, recoating can be done when coat is "thumb print tacky".
We will add color pigments, not all pigments are FDA Rated so colors may be limited.


Part A
Not Regulated
Part B
Not Regulated

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