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SlickThane is a high solids, polyurethane-acrylic blend, single component, ambient or heat cure, zero to low VOC, waterborne coating for interior and exterior surfaces, wood, metals, concrete, plastics and vinyl. Great for wood and concrete floors. MIL SPEC CARC coating.


Zero to Low VOC's, waterborne
Will Not Attack Other Coatings and Primers
Soap and Water Clean Up
FDA rated, Acoustical and Antistatic upon request.
Flexible or very hard.


Application is by brush, roller, spray, or dip.  Cure time is 2-24 hours.  It can be applied to wood, plastic-composite, sail cloth, canvas, and metals and concrete.  The cured surface can be hard or flexible.  It can be formulated to Acoustical, Antistatic and FDA rated products. Outstanding for flexographic printing and back painting for glass.


Available in quarts, gallons, pails, drums.  Available in clear and we will match all paint manufacturers. Custom colors and COOLCOLORS, solar reflective colors are available

MIL-Spec, FED-STD- 595 standards


Apply to any substrate including plastic, glass and vinyl. DTM.
    - New Sails
    - Renew Old Sails
    - Woodwork
Cleanroom, antistatic.
Commercial, Flooring
Industrial, sound proofing,
Concrete sealant, Anti-graffiti
FDA rated
MIL SPEC,  CARC coating. FED-STD-595


Mannequins coated with custom colored Slickthane at the Smithsonian Institute.


Appearance Non - Pigmented
Opaque when wet, Clear when dry
Solids >40%
Viscosity, cps >50 - 250
pH 7.8 - 8.5
Density, lb/gal 8 - 9
VOC's lb/gal ZERO to1.35 - 1.55 depending on pigments added
Particle Charge anionic
Tensile Strength, psi 3800-4000
Elongation, % custom 30-300
Gel Time @ 70F 30 min.
Full Cure @ 70F 24 hrs.
Coverage Ft2/Gallon 350, acoustical product will be less


Please Refer to the MSDS, available by request..


No restrictions.


Do not freeze. May be kept in sealed containers for 12 months.


When using SlickThane to paint vinyl siding, care should be taken to avoid painting the siding too much darker than the original color to avoid warping of the vinyl panels. COOLCOLORS, solar reflective colors are available. FED-STD-595

            Slickthane floor application,  Boston Cutters, Portland, OR.                                                                                      Slickthane over pool plaster, Original art by MP Art                                       

                                                                                                                                                                                                Las Vegas, covered and protected by POOLCOAT Clear.

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