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What is Aquaply CLR?
Aquaply CLR is a two component, 100% solvent free, 100% VOC free, 100% reactive, CLEANROOM, military specification epoxy coating for critical areas.

Aquaply CLR has the best of properties:  flexibility, excellent peel strength to a variety of substrates, great thermal shock resistance, and excellent electrical properties.  This coating can be formulated as is or from antistatic to conductive.


   Semiconductor Plants
   Laser Labs
   EMI Labs
   Chemistry Labs
   Research Labs
   Medical Labs
   Ships, Boats, and Underwater Structures

     High elongation
     High tear resistance
     High tensile strength
     1:1 mixing ratio
     Low coefficient of friction
     Excellent moisture and chemical resistance

Appearance Clear or pigmented
Mixed viscosity @ 77F, cP 6,500
Flash point >94C, 200F
Gel time, pot life, min.  120 @ 77F
Thin film set time 8 hours      
Full cure 7 days @ 77F
Tensile strength, psi 1,000
Tensile elongation, % 100
Tensile modulus (thousand psi) 114
Shore D hardness 57

May be kept at ambient temperatures, tightly closed, away from heat and sunlight and humidity for 24 months.

   Epoxy grade, no nap rollers
   HVLP spray
   Pressure pot spray
   Airless Spray

1:1 by weight and volume.

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