colors available are blues , greens, white and red swimming pools black and grey rest for few minutes epoxy coating
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how to apply swimming pool coating


PoolCoat is a two-part, solvent free, self-leveling, ambient cure, epoxy pool coating that displays excellent gloss, flexibility and hardness, beautiful in your backyard, strong enough for a nuclear power plant.

Mixing easily in a 1:1 volume ratio mix and application with conventional roller methods make application quick and simple.


Appearance amber or pigmented
Viscosity @77F cP 6,000
Flash Point (closed cup) >225


GEL TIME @77F (150G)MIN. 100
Full Cure @ambient temp. days 7

       Clear Poolcoat applied over original art in a swimming pool in California. Original Art by Todd Betts.

Tile work, Poolcoat Clear application done by, and pictures provided by:

Ship wreck done by MP Art, Las Vegas, Nevada with Slickthane over plaster and clear POOLCOAT over original art work by

Edwin Leishman, MP Art, Inc

Las Vegas, Nevada




PoolCoat is available in many colors and clear:
We will custom color and color match.
We will match Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore and RAL colors.

3M Colorquartz, tumbled glass and Colored Flakes can be added for additional color effect and non-skid properties.

Mix parts A and B by equal volume, allow to rest for a few minutes. Apply by epoxy grade rollers or industrial sprayer. Clean up with acetone.

Always wear protective eye wear, gloves and protective clothing. Refer to MSDS for additional information, available upon request.


Part A,
1 Gallon
not regulated
Part B,
1 Gallon
not regulated


Lehi City Pools and slide, Lehi City, Utah, done by Jerry Lovelace, Colorblue Pools.

Tel 801-473-4707

Pools done with POOLCOAT

Slide done with AQUAPLY M

Seal Pool at Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Required Light absorbing, heat reflective color to protect seal's eyes.

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