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What is Aquaply M?
Aquaply M is an environmentally safe (clean water act, clean air act, water pollution control act compliant) epoxy barrier coating for use in the Marine Industry to protect the the substrate, any substrate. It is a permanent bottom coating for pleasure and work boats. It contains no pesticides or algaecides.
Aquaply M provides a very hard, slippery, waterproof, protective surface containing NO metals. The surface is absolutely cleanable in the water by a DIVER or the boat owner and we will provide the boat owner with a certificate to that effect. Bottom cleaning may be needed on a monthly basis in warm waters.

Divers are able to maintain their livelihood. A registration sticker will be provided to each vessel declaring it safe for in-water-cleaning.

Sound Specialty Coatings is working to inform boat owners, boat yards, boat manufacturers, divers and marinas so all are aware of our nontoxic in-water-cleanable products.

Apply to wood, metal and fiberglass. Aquaply M contains NO solvents and is therefore user friendly for the do-it-yourselfer. Great for water slides!

     Grey, Black
     Blue, Light blue
     Green, Light green
     Red, Orange, Yellow
     White, off White, Tan
Custom colors are available at additional charge. Aquaply M is great on waterslides too!

 Aquaply M is UV resistant and some colors are solar reflective, coolcolors. For wood boats, we recommend using our product, SLICKTHANE first to expand and condition the wood. Aquaply M works well in temperatures ranging from 32 to 90 F. The warmer the temperature the faster it will cure. The boat can be launched the next day. Take care, it will be slippery!

Appearance amber or pigmented
Density (lb./gal) 8-9
Flash Point (closed cup) >215F
Gel time @ 70F/min 60
Full cure @ 50F/day 4-5 wet or dry
Viscosity cps @ 77 10,000
Coverage ft/gal 150-200 @ 5-10mils
Hardness (Shore D) 80

Part A,
1 Gallon
Not Regulated
Part B,
1 Gallon
Not Regulated
 Aquaply M is not a pesticide, it requires cleaning. Aquaply M has been tested for more than 10 years in an EPA funded test. It is #1. http://seagrant.ucdavis.edu
                                                                                              Aquaply M on slide, Lehi City, Utah. Done by Colorblue Pools,




UCSD Sea Grant Test Boat coated with Aquaply M in San Diego, CA. 2002 - Present.

 For more information on the Sea Grant Program please visit http://seagrant.ucdavis.edu

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