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what is epoxy acousitcal flooring for media rooms

WHAT IS Acoustical Flooring?

Acoustical Flooring is a three component epoxy  and virgin rubber system for media rooms, engine rooms, control rooms, churches and theaters that is self leveling, solvent free, low VOC and user friendly.
Coverage is based on your specifications The average is 25-50 ft/sq/gallon.  Both the epoxy and the granulated are available in a rainbow of color choices. For other acoustical applications see our Slickthane Page.

The components are:
Part A Self-leveling, solvent free resin
Part B A solvent free, non-hazardous curing agent
Part C A rubber granule of either Virgin EPDM or SBR rubber
(the curing agent may change per spec.) If this should occur, the Part B may be a corrosive material in terms of shipping.

Available Colors
The epoxy is available in nearly any color.
The EPDM and SBR rubber granules are available in many colors. Call for choices.

Appearance Amber or Pigmented
Density (lb/gallon) 8-9
Flash Point (closed cup) 215 F
Fire Rating Class 1
Gel Time @ 70F 60
Full Cure / day 4-5
Cure to walk / day 1
Hardness (shore D) 84
Compressive Strength (psi) 10,000

Part A,
1 Gallon
not regulated
Part B,
1 Gallon


not regulated

Part C is the granulated rubber

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