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 Colored Quartz

Add some non-skid, color and texture to your pool or flooring with

Colored Quartz Blends

Tumbled Glass

Flake sizes and colors

Get creative with your pool, garage floor or any other flooring project you might have. We have solid colors and pre-mixed flakes of different colors and sizes, or you can create your own mix. Have your epoxy coating custom colored and choose your flake or Colored Quartz to come up with endless possibilities.

Let your imagination run wild!






Granulated Virgin Rubber sizes and colors

Granulated rubber is great for providing a non-slip surface around pools, decks, play areas. It is also useful in areas where sound dampening is needed. The rubber provides an excellent non-slip surface that is extremely durable while providing a softer feel and has great color stability/UV protection. Most colors are available in sizes of 0.5-1.5mm or 1-3mm and are available by the pound.

Please click on the links below for colors.



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