Follow safe handling instructionswear eye protectiongloves, and dust maskwater-borne stuccoan Urethane-acrylicScaffolding is recommended for this method
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Follow safe handling instructions, wear eye protection, gloves, and dust mask or respirator.

Prepare surface to be dust free. Apply adhesive-Primer coat by air or airless spray or roller.

Mix two components completely with mechanical device.
  Spread Faux Stuccaux onto foam panels by trowel or squeegee, remember to butter the edges.

When geld, place on wall. Push pins or small nails may be used to hold Panels in place until adhesive-primer has cured.

An alternative method is to place the uncoated foam panels on wall, after adhesive-primer, and then troweling or spraying the Faux Stuccaux. Scaffolding is recommended for this method.

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